Storm surge flooded homes after Hurricane Sandy

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To protect from coastal storm surge you have to "elevate"

FORTIFIED rated and "Hurricane Resilient" Off-site built homes can easily be set on concrete pilings and beams *Built by St.Joe, Florida

Elevated Home built by in St. Joe, Florida

  • The nationally rated FORTIFIED home program provides the strongest and most critical building standards for high-risk areas and coastal states.

Our Coastline Designed homes are built stronger than traditional stick built homes.

Crane setting last modular component of large house.

Our off-site built homes are constructed with 15% more structural members and fasteners than site built homes resulting in a stronger and more durable home.

Your home can be of any size and be built to most architectural styles


Our main priority is building you a safe, liveable and elevated home that will last in any type weather.

#5 Reasons to download the Hurricane guide

#1- Guidelines are written by Experienced Engineers, Contractors, and Architects

Belaire Construction setting pressure treated beams on top of concrete composite pilings

Dale M. Buckey has been building homes along the Maine and Rhode Island coastlines for over thirty years. Some of Mr. Buckey’s earlier homes were built on the remote islands of Casco Bay for The Cottage Company, a building firm which Dale owned. A common theme of the projects and homes Buckey worked on was they were all built on the water. Many were elevated on pilings. For the homes and cottages built on an island, Buckey used a precast piling system which he designed instead of barging over costly excavation equipment and crews. Read More:

#2- The Earth's Waters Are Getting Warmer And Adding Energy to Future Storms

Concrete pilings on Narragansett Bay

  • Approximately 22 million people along the US East and Gulf Coasts are vulnerable to storm surge impacts.
  • New York, and New Jersey have the most population and housing vulnerable to inundation, but many other states are significantly impacted. Roughly 40% of Florida’s population is vulnerable to storm surge. 
  • Since 1880, global sea level has risen about eight inches. Scientists expect global sea level to rise another one to four feet by 2100.
  • The intensity, frequency, and duration of North Atlantic hurricanes have all increased since the 1980s. 

So the question becomes, how can we help limit future storm damage and Hurricane Proof Your Home? Please read our guide for building methods and practices that will save you time, money, and perhaps even lives.

#3- Learn how to best deal with FEMA following a storm


If you've ever been in a flood or catastrophic storm, you know how difficult it is to locate electricity and internet access. Download a copy of the Hurricane Proof Your Home guide today and spare yourself the frustration and despair associated with dealing with FEMA and other local authorities.

 Click here to link to FEMA's Coastal Foundations and Best Practices

#4- Discover new methods that will Hurricane proof your home

Learn the best methods to elevate your home


If your home is in the FEMA flood plain, you'll need to raise it with composite, concrete, or steel pilings.

Install hurricane shutters to protect your windows

Hurricane shutters

Windows and doors are your most vulnerable areas to protect during a storm

#5-See the latest materials that will help protect your home

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Impact resistant windows are a must in hurricane prone areas

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We only recommend contractors who have stilt or piling experience. 

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